Raekwon’s Pants Lost The Versus Battle

Saturday nights Versuz “concert” between Wu-Tang Clan legends Raekwon the Chef and Ghostface Killah was pretty much the event that the Hip Hop world expected. The dynamic duo are known for their chemistry and camaraderie so nobody went in to the night looking to see a battle, rather a celebration of two amazing discographies. We all truly won the night watching Cappadonna and Inspektah Deck appear, hearing the history and such but there was one clear loser.

Someone in Rae’s camp did not or could not tell him to change those dumb ass pants. We love Shallah as much as any other Wu fan and he has always been a bonafide Hip Hop fashion icon but The Rap Scene will not abide. The entire fit was simple and did not look bad at all as a whole but how many pockets do you need Chef?

Raekwons dumb ass pants.

He looked like he forgot what pocket he put his blunts in. He looked like he could take everything he has in life along with him. He had pockets on his shins y’all. They were not big enough for how big the pockets were and I could not help but notice them all night. Raekwon the Chef had a pocket for every member of the Wu-Tang Clan with room to hold Killarmy’s shit too.

What pushed it past the edge was the Wally Champs wardrobe change. Ghost came back with the two tone blues and while they weren’t the flyest fits, Rae stuck with the pants. He got hot during the performance, had to lose the leather jacket and left the pants to fend for themselves. While we could not choose a clear winner of the event, we definitely define the loser as one pair of booty ass pants worn by one of the best emcees in history.

All jokes aside, we love Ghost and Rae. Anytime they get together it’s a momentous occasion for the culture and The Rap Scene is always grateful. Thank you Chef, but please burn those double enforced shin guard, dual-knee, multi-pocket, combat-tech, field-flak steel toe pants, respectfully.

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