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  1. Dre Rushmore says:

    How’s it going. Name is Dre Rushmore from San Diego, CA. Have two projects out right now and have another one on the way but looking to get my music out there more. My IG & Twitter is @dre_rushmore.

  2. Teno Band$ says:

    I’m Teno Band$ From Dallas tx, bringing some playa shit to the game. One of the most talented up and coming.

    Ig : @tenobands
    Twitter : @tenobands

  3. Lavon Couch says:

    Hi, I’m interested in being a food truck vendor for this event kind you contact me if this is possible.. Thanks in advance

  4. Astoria says:

    Yo! I’m a small artist coming out of the OC, I really think I put out some of the best music to come out of my city it would mean a lot if you would just check it out and let me know what you think about it, I’m always pushing forward and working hard to get my name out there any type of support/advice you can give would mean a lot

    All my social media @‘s are

  5. Holly Yeager says:


    My name is Holly Yeager with Blue Orchid and I’m interested in your online advertising. I wasn’t sure who to email directly. Do you mind having somebody reach out to me, so I can find out more information?


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