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A Lil Overloaded

Hip Hop is a lil overloaded on the pre-name Lil, obviously short for little. It's a little ironic that everyone's name is "lil" in a genre that always does it so big.Read More

Gangs and Rap Do Not Mix

While we don’t know what is truly behind this tragedy, we should all be able to agree on the senselessness. Rest In Peace to Zerail Dijon Rivera also known as Indian Red Boy.Read More

10 Artists Making Noise With NFT’s

Non-fungible tokens can represent almost anything and people are getting impressive in their creativity. From artwork to shoes to exclusive music and experiences, here are 10 of todays biggest stars and some of the ways they are riding the next crypto wave all the way to the bank.Read More

Clubhouse or Caphouse?

The music world is becoming more and more aware of Clubhouse. The new social media app allows artists to play their heat, and swap spit and shoot the shit with other artists and industry fixtures alike.Read More