Lupe Fiasco Collabs With Artificial Intelligence

Lupe Fiasco is embracing AI technology in Hip-Hop. I’m frank5d and this is what’s up on the rap scene. The Chicago emcee posted a video of himself working on a record utilizing a software that he helped create with Google called TextFX which he calls AI tools for rappers, writers and wordsmiths.

The ten minute clip shows Lupe write the verses for the song by inputing certain themes and words into the AI model and using a few of the responses to his prompts. The record, titled Glass Of Water, hasn’t dropped yet but he does perform what he comes up with towards the end of the video and the finished product sounds as dope as watching the creative process.

Lupe remains one of the most intelligent artists we have ever seen and this is just another evolution of why he is so revered among lyricists, and continues to do what most rappers can’t, even if they tried. He says in the video that TextFX is not doing the work for you, it’s just providing you with different opportunities and workflow and being efficient. The Ai is live so load it up and check it out, it might even help you write your next banger.

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