4th Round Knockdown; Hip Hop’s Worst April Ever

April Fools Day 2021 was a somber one indeed in the Hip Hop-Sphere as the prior years pandemic (five years depending on who you ask) found a people not really in the mood for jokes. Compton’s DJ Quik played a joke on the public when he took to IG saying he was on the freeway and was shot at 7 – 10 times and was on his way to the hospital being hit twice. He was quickly condemned by a community who found no taste in his joke after he posted “Oh Yeah… April fool!”

Hindsight displays just how indelicate the prank was as Hip Hop would go on to undoubtedly suffer its worst April on record with the deaths of legends DMX, Black Rob and Shock G. The music world still revels behind the news that came like a three punch combination from Tyson to knock us all down in the late stages of the fourth round of the fight. Luckily, fights and years are measured in 12 unit increments and in or out of the ring, we are all fighters.

When we remember our legends, we tend to remember them as they were when we loved them most but something is different about the rapid news of these losses. The trios collective careers spanned an amazing 92 years, delivering us some of the most memorable music and moments in the history of the art form we behold. Conflicting reports left X’s situation shrouded in mystery up until his death while we learned of Rob’s plight. Before we could react to the news of both passings, Shock was found dead. It really is all just too much.

While the social algorithm continues to push a narrative that associates Hip Hop with death, many realize that our beloved way of life is pushing 50. That’s not a long time but that’s a long time and all three late legends were in their 50’s, which is not old, but is old. We must acknowledge that the personalities we loved in the past are aging along-side us all and most live a rough life prior to gaining notoriety and access to a lifestyle that holds an argument as being just as bad if not worse.

The concept of giving flowers while people can still smell them is a simple but powerful one. In todays world of streams and social media, it’s easier than ever to show appreciation to anyone who has enlightened your life in any way. Instead of insisting that they fell off, you can usually find out what is going on with anyone with ease. For instance the Diabolical One, Biz Markie is still recovering from a stroke he suffered while in a diabetic coma and still came in to pay respect to Black Rob. The Clown Prince of Rap is doing better but still could use some tweets of support himself while he can still read them. Flowers.

Ask around and you may find differing opinions on how 2021 is going but you’ll probably get one consensus. April 2021 was kind of awful. Let’s just all remember that we are fighters and April is only the 4th round in the 12 round fight of 2021. Let’s all remember that we’ll never win if we stay down and never get back up, knowing that we can take at least 10 more three-punch combos.

Rest In Peace to DMX, Black Rob, Shock G, all the other artists that did not make national media and condolences to the family, friends and fans of all three legendary artists.

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