Will Kanye And Adidas Rekindle Their Relationship?

Adidas may actually be preparing to bring West back. Rumors surfaced online this week that the two were “renegotiating a new deal” that will West back to Adidas. This rumor was started by an online sneaker cook up group called “Secret Sauce”, which helps members purchase limited and rare sneakers for a monthly fee. They’ve yet to verify their claim, but the rumor has been making the rounds to different media outlets.

“I’d be surprised if it happened,” Complex Sneaker Podcast co-host Brendan Dunne said this week. “I think it makes them look weak as a brand to terminate somebody and then, months later, come back and say, ‘Hey, we realized we’re going to lose a billion dollars if we don’t sell this product. Let’s get back together again.'”

This reunion may not be in the cards for both parties. It might just be a rumor. Or people at Adidas may be trying to gauge how the public would react if they did bring Ye back. There’d be plenty of backlash, I’d argue, but that might not stop Adidas from trying to recoup at least some of the money it would otherwise lose on unsold Yeezy merchandise.

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