Pretty Bulli Is Back With New Album, Then & Now

Upstate New York has clearly made a name for itself in the world of Hip-Hop over the last ten odd years, and Buffalo, New York emcee Pretty Bulli is carrying on the tradition of true spitters from the area. Her latest project, Then & Now, dropping’ March 29th, is a clear elevation of her career and a prototype example of why the influential city is at the very forefront of Hip-Hop, and she is leading the charge.

The rare breed Pretty Bulli is back with a greedy appetite. The aggressive effort, over the perfectly paired production of Kidd Called Quest, is the picture of chemistry and cohesion, as seen on the lead single, Homage, which is exactly what it sounds like, an homage to some of the elite women in Hip-Hop that paved the way for Bulli. Clocking in at 1 hour and 8 minutes, listeners are reminded of just how fast an hour can go and may even be tempted to run it back immediately.

Those familiar with Bulli are also no stranger to lyricism and Then & Now does NOT shake the spoon. From the anthemic Confidence (track 3), to the gritty and grimy Simplicity (track 5), she shows that not only has she not lost a step, but her pace has increased since her last sprint. Track nine, Don’t Judge Me, sees her flex her storytelling ability as she weaves a narrative about a young woman named Lisa and her suppressed “daddy issues”, while she thanks this culture of ours for always being here for her on track eleven, Thank You.

Then & Now is a project that deserves the attention of anyone who argues for, or against, the resurged conversation surrounding the death of Hip-Hop. It’s author, Pretty Bulli is out here makin’ males and females in the culture look like they be in the studio on some “What THIS button do?”. The project is the total package with the composition of a Ye album, the production of a true craftsman in Kidd Called Quest and BARS, BARS, BARS! More than a few records will be included on many playlists and will be in rotation for, forever yo. If you complain about the state of the culture, treat yourself to Pretty Bulli’s crazy new album, Then & Now.

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