French Montana Admits Record Labels Are Buying Life Insurance Policies On Their Artists

The number of artists that has been murdered over the years has been unprecedented, and the trend has only continued in 2022. According to French Montana, the rising death toll has prompted record labels to take out life insurance policies on their artists.

Speaking to the Off The Record podcast, Montana speculated the labels were anticipating a big pay day if their artist gets murdered.

“We was beefing for real,” he says in the clip.” People was dying and this and that, and it was blocking a lot of money. People didn’t want to touch you. Your rap friends stop picking up, the labels stop picking up. It gets crazy. But now it’s even crazier, they gettin’ life insurance on artist. At least back then, we didn’t have that. You’re praying on his death. You’re praying on making millions on his death.”

When asked if they were actually being “realistic,” Montana replies, “Both. They’re being realistic. You’re supposed to have life insurance anyway, but when the label does it, if you don’t have one that’s crazy.”

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