Alchemist Sparks Online Dragnet With “Hidden Album”

Daniel Alan Maman, B.K.A. hip hop producer extraordinaire Alchemist did his best Trump impersonation by sending the internet into a frenzy with one tweet.

Yes, you read that correct. The infamous Hip Hop producer has announced that he has a ghost album floating around on YouTube under a fake name and page with false song titles and even bogus cover art! The news has the Hip Hop-Sphere in a literal frenzy, searching for the issue that nobody has found yet.

A true “new-age” treasure hunt is afoot as bloggers, vloggers, journalists and teams of researchers work in unison to uncover the hidden gem. Surely someone has heard the already mythic work and maybe a third of those unknowing lucky souls hit the like (or, hopefully not, the unlike) button. The album is a metaphorical needle in the virtual haystack of hundreds of millions of hours of content uploaded to YouTube each and every month.

The cryptic tweet has garnered roughly 30 thousand likes, 4 thousand retweets and 700 likes in about 24 hours, signifying the rampant search for the invisible release. With such a diverse repertoire, including collabs with rap royalty including Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Nas, and most recently, Conway the Machine, fans can only imagine what features could be waiting to be discovered and it seems now to be a race to find out.

Alchemist was nominated for the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for “Alfredo”, his collaboration project with Freddie Gibbs. It was easily the most prestigious recognition in his illustrious career. A fact that fuels the fire of the hunt for the totemic project that seems at this point, lost to the algorithm. Who is on it? What could the real name be? Where and when was it recorded? Why release it on the lowest of lows? How has it not been dug up by any number of internet sleuths?

He has provided zero clues regarding anything about the project which has only fanned the flames. The search is on for what is now one of the most sought-after projects of 2021 and there has been mostly nothing but joke responses to the revelation from artists seeking to drive ears towards their music. To all those searching, good luck on the discovery of the ludic, liminal, lost Alchemist album.

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