YFN Lucci Is Back In Jail Again For Racketeering

YFN Lucci is back behind bars at Fulton county jail in Georgia after surrendering to authorities, on May 10th according to WSBTV.  If you recall, we recently reported earlier this month he was named among a dozen others after being indicted in a racketeering case. This case focuses on crimes committed among the Bloods street gang. When news first broke about the case there was a 75-page, 105 count racketeering indictment, which Fulton County DA Fani Willis said is “unprecedented”. At the time Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, said that the ”Everyday We Lit” rapper is not guilty of all charges and has no affiliation with any street gangs.

“He’s not a gang member,” Findling said. “What he is is an internationally recognized musical artist that is a triple platinum winner, that has performed all over the United States and all over the world.” Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labot spoke with WSBTV about Lucci. “We do treat charges more so than the celebrity status and he is certainly in our maximum security area,” said Sherif Labot. Lucci’s lawyer also spoke out again about the update with his client. He continues to maintain his innocence and doubled down that Lucci is not a gang or associate of any street gang.

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