Toosii – What It Cost (Official Music Video)

Toosii (pronounced Two-See), one of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game is back with a new record with video attached. Without beating around the bush, let’s dive into What It Cost.

Directed by Joan, What it Cost is a solid and befitting visual. It opens with the Syracuse born, North Carolina representative lamenting the loss of his grandfather, stating his heart was broken after his passing and it drives his conscious decision to not drink or smoke.

Cut to the twenty one year old rapper interpreting the contrast of his life before and after the fame and money. The intangible comfort of waking up in a gaudy, tasteless guest room rather than a rundown but quaint apartment, washing up in a box of a restroom versus icing down in a bigger one and eating eggs and toast from disposable plates prior to moving on to porcelain cannot be understated. Plus pancakes have never been for the poor.

Toosiis new video does a great job of straddling the line between bragging and remembering where he came from. It appropriately cuts between his famous and non-famous life with a spirit of genuine authenticity. Even the contrast of him stressing over bills with him counting a few stacks, then throwing said stacks all over what is not shown but has to be Hip Hops most, resplendent coffee table doesn’t come off as too much.

We round the music video out with a short continuation of the conversation from the beginning, with Toosii stating that the introspective talk was the first time he had cried since he was 13 years old. The rags to riches telling is nominally impressive and is worth the watch.

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