Takeoff Of Migos Dead At 28

The Hip Hop world is still reacting to the murder of the rapper Takeoff, one third of the group Migos from Atlanta. He was tragically shot in a Houston Texas bowling alley after an altercation broke out after a party. Him and his uncle Quavo, who was with him at the time of the shooting, just released their debut album as a group, Only Built For Infinity Links, two weeks ago, following the breakup of the Migos. Two others were taken to the hospital after the shooting, with initial reports being disproven, that Quavo was one of the victims shot as well.

The two just hit Drink Champs and Takeoff spoke about getting his flowers now rather than when he’s not here to smell them. Rappers, athletes, film and television stars and everyone in between are paying respects through social media and their personal platforms. While the world races to do some detective work to find out what actually happened, lets not lose the fact that we took another senseless L. 

It’s come out that Takeoff was allegedly taken from us by a business associate of Quavos who is very familiar with the family. More video has been released of the man holding what looks like a gun in his pocket as Quavo argues, just moments before shots ring out. As of writing, he has not turned himself in despite being contacted by police as a person of interest. Fuck that code y’all love to speak on, we gotta hold people accountable for this shit. It’s definitely a bigger conversation to be had but it won’t change the fact there will be no more music from him. No vibes. No culture. Make it make sense. We wanna give condolences to his family, friends and fans and say rest in peace to Takeoff. Just goes to show that even with money, power respect and fame, Ain’t nobody safe out here.

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