Pharrell Williams Opens New Hotel in South Beach, Miami

The ever modern Pharrell Williams is arguably one of the most innovative personalities not just in Hip Hop but the music world in general and his newest business venture is in the same pioneering fashion we are accustomed to seeing from the producer slash entertainment impresario.

Skateboard P along with business partner and Miami mogul, David Grutman, have teamed up to bring to the people, the Goodtime Hotel, a 100,000 square foot, pink pastel paradise that looks right at home in the Art Deco area surrounding 601 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach, Florida.

The Goodtime Hotel boasts 266 guest rooms featuring bespoke drapes and a signature pink rotary phone with toiletries from Italy, a gym with Peleton bikes and MyBeast equipment. Pharrell also assure us that “It’s that adrenaline-fueled sensation of entering a whole new setting and a whole new mindset,” promising “This place will provide a natural good time for all who come through.”

The trendy Inn’s inception is not William’s and Grumman’s first collab as the two are partners in the Swan & Bar Bevy, a posh European-style bistro, cafe and bar, located in Miami and Pharrell even debuted his liquor, Qream at the Grutman owned nightclub LIV way back in 2011. Now they just need to complete the circle and get Grutman on a Neptunes produced track. We call flames.

Strawberry Moon, namesake the full moon occurring closest to the summer solstice, is the centerpiece of the Goodtime Hotel. Strawberry Moon features a restaurant with a 30,000 square foot pool club. It’s billed as an energetic indoor-outdoor gathering place for all guests that will “immediately elevate one’s mood and emulate a carefree goodtime.”

The Goodtime Hotel is now accepting reservations at so expect to see your favorite influencers and WCW’s alike, going live in an overpriced pink room in Florida this summer, doing it for the Gram on the Tok while Clubhousing. Tag @therapscene in the photos.

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