Old School, New School Need To Learn Though…

I’m old school.

My favorite rappers began rapping anywhere from the year 1982 to the year 1994. I always prefer the original over the remake, I own a small collection of over 1500 vinyl records, I still read books and my favorite kicks were originally released over 20 years ago. Unapologetically old school. Being unapologetically old school does not disqualify me from attending class at New U, even if I fail a few. But I’m me and failure is not an option so I pay attention to the new while living the old. And as I pay attention, I find it hard to fail to consider the unnecessary gorge growing between the Old School and the New School.

Unnecessary is an understatement. It is down right ignorance to ignore the simple fact that things change including Hip Hop culture, therefore it must be virtually criminal to hate on the change that you have in fact helped to create. Because it’s extremely easy to be what the world wants you to be when the world constantly shows you the benefits of conforming to its image.

Most of our New U graduates display an understandable, if not frustrating, youthful thought process. You can’t fault them for that, they’re young. When Lil’ Uzi Vert says he doesn’t care about being a real emcee, you have to blame yourself. Because Lil’ Uzi Vert is not a rapper, he is a rockstar. He literally does not care about how dope he is at rap and in turn will never try and fit your image of a real emcee. He cares about what we have taught his little rich ass to care about, money and the turn up.

Every rapper that has filled their material with the idea that money is the end all be all of music and life needs to look in the mirror when contemplating the state of affairs in todays Hip Hop. The new material is a direct result of the fuckery that was, in the past, given a pass simply because it was hot. The discord between the old and the young is a divide that runs far beyond any genre of music. Millennials, just like Generation X, just like Baby Boomers and so on, don’t just hear music differently, they see the world differently. They don’t think like old schoolers and old schoolers inherently take offense to that. This it isn’t something that should be dismissed when having this discussion because it’s a different world and WHEN you come from, not just where.

Recalling the Everyday Struggle episode featuring Lil’ Yachty, I find myself defending him from that hate and misunderstanding towards what he really is about. It was him against Hip Hop and in some twisted existential mindset, I felt sorry for him, for ME not liking HIS music. Because I understand that he can only express himself musically the only way he can. It’s easy to see that he would have only tried to excel in what he glorifies. Fame over musical integrity.

The situation has no settlement in such shallow conversations, calling for deeper analyzation of the concept of youth being wasted on the young. Musical evolution is something that cannot be suppressed and these young bucker-snappers don’t care about what your old ass has to say concerning how they get down. Deal with it.

Because again, it is not just music that’s evolving. The world is evolving . Life is not the same as it ever was and it will never be the same as it is now. Check this, we are talking about Hip Hop. It has been around for 40 odd years and there are still billions of living human beings that continue to not give themselves a chance to like it. Just like your granny who has never sent an email in her life, if you discount and ignore progression, you are just gonna be a link to the past and the new wave is gonna wash over you accordingly.

That’s probably not a bad thing. However, if that is something you want then stay the fuck out of these young turks way and let them do their thing. Cause YNW Melly can’t see you from behind the money. And Lil’ Yachty can’t hear you over the fans screaming his name. And if they could, you would just look and sound like a hater. 

Do you really want to look and sound like a hater?

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