Quavo And Takeoff Confirm Migos Break Up

If you were still wondering if it was official or not, Quavo and Takeoff have confirmed that the Migos are officially broken up. The duo visited Drink Champs and during a conversation about who would face them in a Versuz, host N.O.R.E. asked if the event would include a reunion of the three amigos. Takeoff answered with a simple “If the check right”. Sounds like a title to the next record. But answering the question straight up confirms what we all knew, y’all three are no longer a group. We can commend the trio for keeping the situation as tight as they can, but be real, the check would be right for versus or any other platform that can bring them to one stage. Even people who don’t rock with them should welcome a reunion of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset.

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