Maino Not Feeling Troy Ave Playing Victim Against Taxstone

Maino is rejecting any notion Troy Ave’s hands are clean following Taxstone’s guilty verdict for manslaughter.

In fact, he’s in total defense of the podcaster and says Troy is simply moonlighting as the victim!!!

The “Hi Hater” rapper made his return to “Way Up With Angela Yee” on Monday … painting Troy Ave and his crew as the aggressors during the deadly night of May 26, 2016.

Maino says he and Uncle Murda were inside Irving Plaza and scheduled to perform when he witnessed the scene unfold.

According to Maino, Tax was simply chilling inside the venue and enjoying the T.I. concert when trouble confronted him, and the tables were turned.

Troy’s been going on the rampage with multiple diss tracks, and even took the stand in the case — but Maino’s calling BS and says Troy finagled a deal with prosecutors to erase his own gun possession charge from the altercation.

Maino says Troy thought he was going to get a “WorldStar moment” by messing with Tax, and doesn’t think Troy should be dropping diss tracks bragging about his enemy’s conviction.

Of course, Maino’s take never came into play during the trial … as he was not called as a witness.

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