Just Stop It Ye

Ye has been all over the news in the past few weeks due to what most perceive as bizarre behavior. His views that were once championed are now being looked at as a byproduct of his documented mental health issues. His music arguably doesn’t hit like it used to but his antics have intensified tenfold and there is no clear end in sight to his trajectory. It’s almost like watching the worlds longest train wreck that just keeps piling up behind itself.

Ye recently made his third appearance on the culture shifting Drink Champs podcast and was able to say what he has been trying to say while going mostly unchecked about his views. N.O.R.E. tried to play the games but Ye took every opportunity to make state his message, no matter how unclear it was. He tripled down on his racial comments, rambled on about his children, addressed his public perception and cancellation and boasted about how rich he is. He tried to humble himself stating that he didn’t say what he really meant to say, which was just as problematic as his original statements. the entire interview was laced with the same rhetoric that he is getting cancelled for left and right.

The operation to kill Ye is well underway, however it seems like the initiative is being spearheaded by Ye himself. No doubt he is a master of manipulating the culture to suit his personal brand but his last few campaigns, political AND civilian, has everyone scratching their heads and asking, what the hell is wrong with this dood? While he is never one to hold his tongue, he definitely has hit the point to where nobody can tell him anything. He listens to who he wants to listen to but doesn’t hear what he doesn’t want to hear which in this case, is not lookin’ like a good thing.

I honestly think that They have been trying to kill Ye since he said that the at-the-time president of the United States didn’t care about black people during a telethon supporting hurricane Katrina relief. That was the year 2005 and we had no idea that THAT view, felt in unison by the black community at the time, was backed up by the opinions he is comfortable making public these days. Two years after that, he released Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ where he infamously chanted “wait til I get my money right, then you can’t tell me nothin’ right?” His money is apparently right at this point because there is nothing anybody can tell this dood. 

The interview prompted swift criticism from the Hip Hop-o-Sphere, Black Twitter and anyone else who listened and all fingers were somehow pointed at host and Hip Hop legend N.O.R.E. So much so that he issued apologies the very next day, responding to this who thought he should have stepped in on comments about the Jewish Community and the murder of George Floyd. Ye is officially so toxic that you are going to have to apologize for trying to understand where he is coming from on a public platform.

There’s a beauty in Drink Champs extending the platform to one of the leaders of our culture in the middle of his cancellation and N.O.R.E. and EFN should not face the same scrutinization for it. Ye has some wild ideas and promotes autonomous thinking among other things that keeps deepening the hole he has dug for himself. While he is spitting a tiny bit of truth, even he TRIED to admit that his messaging was off and he can of course use better language. The hosts tried to pay his bail every time he went down the anti road but and he took it in stride, recieving his L in signature Ye fashion. In his own words,”I should have a right to be wrong”. Yeah Ye, you wrong AF.

What’s weird is that Ye can’t be looked at as fake. It would ruin his whole present-day persona and image so he almost HAS to be who he is. That may sound like a foreign concept to those who have never had the spotlight on them but it’s like nirvana to get paid to be who you actually are without having to push a caricature of yourself. Ye is getting hit because who he actually is right now is someone who has lost touch with how things work. There is a concept of one being a victim of their own success if there is any artist that can pose in that patina it’s the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

I mean, he has recently been just as contradictory and controversial as he has been dope from day one. Since his solo debut, he told us all through his series of collegiate themed albums that college was straight bullshit while damn near praising the experience of higher learning. Ye’s extremism makes it look like he is doing and saying whatever he wants and trying to hide behind God. It’s not poppin’. He, just like everyone else, can say whatever they want but he, unlike everyone else, he will definitely face more backlash than a non-billionaire would.

EFN gave him the landing strip to lay out his actual ideas and he took the god got me approach. He beat around the actual plans for prosperity bush and went in the anti direction. At some point the mental health aspect must be talked about but even that feels like a cop out now. His sentiments are thankfully not being ignored. We must hold him accountable for how he is doing what he is doing and not grant him excuses. His message doesn’t seem to equate to helping me and mine, straight up and down. It’s sad because I don’t know if I still like the guy.

I hate when people talk about separating the art from the person because the person is so inter-connected with the art. Simply put, we would have never gotten the old Kanye without eventually having to deal with the new Ye. Guess thats not so simple huh? I’m sayin’ that the game wouldn’t have evolved as it has without us letting that dood be himself. He’s unleashed now and who the fuck are we to be like you can’t say that, when we been lettin’ him say whatever the hell he want’s for years? His pathologic nature and demeanor lends to the very reasons we made him who he is and I don’t disagree that it should be reigned in, but what does that actually look like?

A billionaire comes with tons of yes men and I of course don’t know who is who, but someone is definitely playin’ that role in his circle. It’s to the point that we are always waiting for what Ye is gonna do next cause it’s just a matter of hours until some more crazy shit emerges. He’s already on record wildin’ about how slavery was a choice and now it comes out that he was biggin’ up Hitler. There has to be something to the fact that those who rave about free speech are the very people being cancelled for their views, but we can’t ignore when people go south in the zeitgeist.

With all of the vitriol he faces in the wake of his public cancellation, his closing sales have only increased. His shoes remain at the top of resale agendas and he is literally selling out of collections from trash cans. If that’s cancellation then cancel me right now cause I got a few ideas that could use a Medici family. Mt dood got to the point where shit really does not matter and he can run on anything he wants whenever he feels. couple that with being the outspoken dood he always was and this was inevitable.

His rantings come off as someone who can’t handle the weed. Paranoia is clear and present in every one of his rants these days but he takes it to another level when there are no holds barred. With all that being said, I truly hope the interview does not get taken down by the boys over at Drink Champs. We should all thank them and show them respect for daring to do what Twitter and the Gram were not able to step up on. They held their composure in the face of the nutty shit he said, but should, of course, be called out on letting him slide. We all know what the show is about and should support it. I can’t say if the apology was needed but I guess they felt it was or we wouldn’t have it.

I would like to look at this as Ye trying to break cancel culture and I hope it hits home in Hip Hop. He should of course be less anti as he sets the blueprint but I don’t have a better one and it’s great to watch. The shit that he is out here sayin’ holds a lot of weight and should not be ignored, as truthful or anti as you wanna take it. Just as soon as the interview could be digested, it was taken down by Revolt, of course sparking the discourse around freedom of speech and cancellation extending into the culture. I mean, to be cancelled by Drink Champs has to be a new level of pissing people off. N.O.R.E. and EFN are literally all about celebrating legends in the game, it’s all they do but letting Ye rant like that comes with consequences.

So yeah, it sucks that you gotta watch what you say more than ever these days, but it sucks even more to think that one genius of a Ye is racist. He tried to mask his xenophobia with some esoteric blacksplaining, but it may have been lost in translation because nobody bought it. It was jokes when it came out that after all these years, Sway really had the answers. Ye hides behind a mountain of money. The interviews he has been doing have just been unhinged. He almost sounds like Herschel Walker out here saying all kinds of shit and piissing everyone off.

Ye is definitely a lightning rod and whatever storm he’s in, he’s gonna get hit. I like him, but I’m not paying him any bail. He is almost a spoof of himself these days and the fact that he is literally THEE bag to so many people, tells us that this is only going to continue. It’s sad to think of this guy that used to mean so much to us is now just a joke in the culture. He is facing a lawsuit from the family of George Floyd for what must be pocket change for him over his comments regarding the incident. He is reportedly buying the premier global free speech app, Parler in the wake of his deletion from the major social media platforms.

The interview with Chris Cuomo on News Nation was interesting because it shows that he is clearly not crazy, just more like off his rocker. If this breakdown comes off a little weird, it’s because Ye’s disposition is difficult to pin down. He is definitely making more sense than I or most people are giving him credit for. I mean the majority of people who dragged him for wearing the white lives matter shirt, call each other Niggas on a daily basis. That says what it says to our psyches and we unconsciously react to it in real time and it’s definitely at play when we consider the the killing of Kanye. We are fully aware though that he is killing himself, at least in the arena of public perception. The dood may be killing himself, but we’re all just giggling as it happens.

The saga continues as Ye has now been dropped by Adidas, which honestly could have been his entire agenda but mums the word on that. He has also been dropped as a client  from talent agency CAA after famously returning to them after a short time with UTA and MRC studios has announced that they will be shelving a fully completed documentary on the rapper. Additionally, anti-Semitic groups have been showing support for Ye which I’m sure could not have been part of the plan.

He appears to TRY to apologize for any hurt he has caused to the families affected. It comes off as half-assed and contrived but I guess he makes an effort. It really doesn’t matter at this point because the bombs have been dropped and the damage has been done. We’ll of course eventually let it fade from our brains, no doubt because of the crazy shit he’s bound to do next week, but it will never be forgotten. I really didn’t want to live where one of my favorite artists of all time quadrupiles down on racially inflammitory comments. His innovation and ingenuity remain impeccable, which reminds us all that not all geniuses are good for society. Through all of this fracas, he’s still givin’ it up to God so let’s all just hope that God got him.

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