Jeezy Disappoints His Detroit Fans By Not Performing

Jeezy appeared at an Occupy The Corner Bike Giveaway over the holiday weekend in Detroit, but fans are disappointed that the Snowman didn’t end up performing as they expected.

The Atlanta native took to social media on Sunday (May 30) to clear up the confusion and put the blame on the event’s promoters for falsely claiming there would be a concert when that wasn’t part of his contract.

Jeezy continued, “Now, this day party, which was a day party and not a performance. A day party, contractually, in the contract it says, ‘Day party.’ I just wanted to pull up and see my people real quick. Get in and get out. It was unorganized, understaffed, and chaos. I got there, nobody knew what to do. They wanted to put me in the skybox for me to watch the crowd from there. Absolutely not. I got my crew together, we walked down to the bleachers so we could see the people.”

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