Drake Once Got Paid $100 To Open For Ice Cube

FlyerVault (go check it out) recently posted the flyer and itinerary for an August 19th 2006 Ice Cube show that took place at a closed venue in Toronto called Kool Haus. Included is a revenue slash expense report that reveals Octobers Very Own, Drake, was paid a humble sum of 100 dollars to open up for the West Coast legend. He apparently performed songs from his debut mixtape “Room For Improvement” that released earlier that year. The post is a testament to what can be accomplished when you keep going and that the sky is in fact not the limit. Drake, who now, depending on who you ask, is a billionaire chimed in stating, “This is for anybody getting 100 a show right now… Keep going.” It’s always dope to realize an example of perseverance in the culture and it’s no surprise that this would come out about one of the greatest artists of our time. Good shit Drizzy.

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