DMX Suffers from OD and Heart Attack

The Rap Scene is taking time to send out vibes and well wishes to the family and friends of DMX as reports come in that the legendary emcee suffered from an overdose and subsequent heart attack and is now hospitalized in White Plains, New York. Sources say the unfortunate event took place at his home on Friday night around 11pm.

Details have yet to emerge regarding what drug or combination of drugs triggered the overdose but X, real name Earl Simmons, has been candid about crack use and his war with addiction through out his career, making a few well publicized stays in rehab, the latest being during his 2019, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot 20th Anniversary Tour, though it was reported at the time that he had not relapsed but was feeling temptation.

As stories swirl of DMX currently in a “vegetative state” showing “some brain activity”, we want to stay positive and wish him the best recovery possible. Sad to say that even though news of the worst has not fallen, the situation feels as bad as it can be and we have in fact, lost the X that was capable of giving us more. We truly hope this is not the case because the world will not feel the same knowing he is not there, not to mention his family and loved ones.

In the pill-popping, lean-laden landscape of todays Hip Hop, little is revealed about the downside of the turn-up and the susceptible minds of our young audience can be quite ignorant to the horror of addiction and the old saying “some things are worse than death”. Let’s keep room for compassion and empathy for those that struggle with addiction and realize that nobody is perfect. Even if they are one of your favorite entertainers.

Get Well Soon X.

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