Dedicated Etiquette – Youtube Series

I’m gonna tell you what we are all about starting with, today.

Forever in the moment, frozen in absurdity, hung up on what’s happening. Today might be TOO EASY for people to understand. It can be amazingly simple to discard history as well as ignore the future, in the face of today.

Enter Dedicated Etiquette and it’s primary focus. Let us gather to gain insight on todays bullshit, channel the knowledge of the past and shape the future of this thing we love. Because we, the main creators and consumers of Hip Hop culture, hold the highest stake in what it was, is, or will become. Here we coherently think and discuss the ideas that lie beneath the facade of superficiality.

Yasin Bey, formerly the Mighty Mos Def said on the intro track to his classic Black on Both Sides, that people talk about Hip Hop like it’s some giant living in the hill side coming down to scare the townspeople. He goes on to explain that if you want to know what’s really going on in Hip Hop it warrants a bit of self examination to get a clear idea.

So go ahead and ask yourself, what you want out of Hip Hop? Are you invested? Do you simply take what comes and react accordingly? Do you agree with what influences your life on both a conscious and sub-conscious level,(?) or are you just blindly buying into entertainment?

We operate to bring forth a change that we want to see in the culture that we love. Our commitment stands firm and we will not fall victim to the clearinghouse that drive our disposition toward it. 

We will remain anti-tabloid. We will not fail to think critically about the ideas and issues that are transforming Hip Hop. We will analyze what happened, in the face of what is happening, to influence what will happen.

Dedicated Etiquette exists to maintain the code of actions that delineates expectation for the social behavior of our cultures future.

And we will.

Forsaking idiocracy, we will abstain from what silently drags us down and grasp what propels us in a progressive direction. Too long have we in Hip Hop been in the captains chair of creativity, while laying ignorant to our mission and heading. Laying in the shadows of ourselves. Naive to the noblest of objectives. Knowledge of self, and the ability to see beyond the clouds of hinderance to the furtherance of our culture.

Check. A lot of people don’t really see Hip Hop in the state that it should be considering how influential and trend-setting the culture is in todays world and one can easily assume that the world beyond “us” is getting to know, in depth, the worst of “us”. 

Dedicated Etiquette looks to the past to reinforce what we should be about. Positivity and pride in ourselves as well as our art. We analyze the collective psyche of today to understand the reasons we are doing what we do. Through these actions, we begin to form a clear outline of the direction our beloved culture should navigate.

Fuck the bullshit. The conversation is beyond this or any other blog. It spans music, movies, periodicals, television. While other outlets continue the practices that fuel the mis-direction of Hip Hop, we at Tomorrow’s Etiquette will continue to break this shit down. No Hate. No shade. No scared business. We don’t believe the hype, period. 

So follow up and join the conversations, get invested, like, comment and share because we’re not in this alone. We do this for everyone involved from those drowned out by the noise to those heard by everyone, but can only hear themselves. For those making too much noise and for the silent as well.

We won’t falter in our mission to preserve the integrity of Hip Hop. We are Dedicated Etiquette.

Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation.

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