Dave East’s Glasses Line Is Kinda Wack

Rappers have always been known to be entrepreneurs but Twenty Money One brought many new players to the game. Some are just now expanding their brand into new markets while others didn’t need a global pandemic and were actively seeking new opportunities well before the shutdown.

Everybody wears Yeezy’s. A lot of people listen to Tidal. Nike, McDonalds and Reeses Puffs made respective millions for Travis Scott and Lil’ Yachty. While the Rap Scene frequently indulges in bowls of diabetes for breakfast and high blood pressure burgers for lunch and dinner, we will not abide by Dave East’s laughable line of sophisticated spectacles.

The Harlem emcee joined forces with Nouvintage to release a line of eyeglasses that may or may not have hit the mark, depending on your market.

Don’t get us twisted, we celebrate our artists endeavors with a ten foot torch. But Dave, if you don’t get these poe pimp perpetratin’, Forty Fonzarelli knock off, perfume bottle frame, wanna-be gay gangster Cartier crip optical lenses the fuck out of here!

To be completely fair, a few of the models have sold out the online shop so who are we to judge?.. We are The Rap Scene to judge, that’s who! Pretty much the whole line is simply ass. Shout out to you Dave but the rainbow bandana shit someone talked you into cannot be it.

In the age of alternative methods of income for rap artists, luxury eyewear is far from “outside the box”. But what can be said of the results of this? He made/is making money? Dope! Changing the game? That’s questionable. Helping gangsters see? Guess that’s admirable. Making fashion history? Definitely not.

Unjest and all jokes aside, shout out to Dave East and his wave. Be sure to check out the young greats talents in Wu-Tang: An American Saga, season 2 on Hulu, as he embodies the legendary Method Man while definitely NOT wearing any version of those booty ass glasses he is selling.

Dave East Forever.

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