Coolio’s Untimely Death Involved Fentanyl

The autopsy has stated that the rapper Coolio cause of death has been revealed, and it’s one that continues to plague not only the entertainment industry, but the country as a whole … fentanyl.

Family spokesperson, Jarel (Jarez) Posey tells TMZ … Coolio’s loved ones just got the news from the coroner — fentanyl killed the rapper — and he also had traces of heroin and methamphetamines in his system.

Jarez tells us investigators determined Coolio’s severe asthma and decades-long use of cigarettes also played a factor in his death and his body’s inability to fight back.

Despite the grim news, Jarez tells us Coolio’s kids — Brandi, Jackie, Melan, Christopher, Artis III, Darius and Artisha — will remember their dad for the great man he was … and the public should know how much they loved him, and how he conquered the world both on the stage and when he wasn’t performing.

Coolio’s family has plans to honor their dad through documentaries and film … and continue the legacy that was his music.

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