ComplexLand Returns June 16 – 18, 2021

Black Thought tossed a bar in his phenomenal Funk Flex freestyle that ended with “we were headed for the web even before computers.” The 2020 global pandemic definitely did its part to push the world into a more digital space with Zoom meetings and Versuz battles abound and one binary bastion is returning for another cyber circus.

The fun virtual cultural carnival known as ComplexLand is returning just prior to the weekend of Juneteenth. The free, multi-day virtual experience will be filled with content, shops, drops, giveaways and other chances to win exclusive products from brands like Staple, Adidas, Atmos, Babylon, Dumb Good and many more.

Your ComplexLand 2.0 avatar can be outfitted to your personal taste with special un-lockable looks and fits so you can explore the virtual festival in style. This years event is also slated to be a shared online experience, meaning the use of invites, chat and DM’s so you never know who you may run across while exploring the virtual festival-scape.

ComplexLand can be described as an interactive video game for pop culture. While there will be shopping available, the event is 100% free to participate. Find more information and sign up to get notified on new updates, announcement and exclusives at

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