Clubhouse or Caphouse?

The music world is becoming more and more aware of Clubhouse. The new social media app allows artists to play their heat, and swap spit and shoot the shit with other artists and industry fixtures alike. Without going too far into it, it’s basically new age party line for the old heads and, at best, an open podcast for new heads where emcees, DJ’s, producers, and everyone in between from all different levels of professionalism are coming together like never before to share and collaborate and push their careers to the next level.

Needless to say the app has exposed many an independent movement to mainstream eyes that may have never had an eye out. Many on the lower rungs of the game are able to chop with the mid-players as well as the 1% and we all know that social media isn’t always what it seems to be. With the black hole of advice swirling behind the invite, the question is being asked; Is it Clubhouse or Caphouse.

A lot of wise people are saying, there’s a lot of cap on this app. This is a fact on any social media platform but it hits different on Clubhouse due to the audio based format. For every legit shot caller there are ten scammers. For every serious A&R there are ten washed up people who have burned so many bridges that associating with them will leave your career in flames.

First we tweeted words then we did it for the gram in photo format. Short videos shrunk our attention spans and now the mouthpiece is essential to online networking. Heads have forgotten that scammers talk a good game and artists looking to get a foot in the door of the industry look like lunch if they not on they game.

On the flip side of the coin, there are tons of real opportunities for those looking to network and make connections. But how do you know what, or better yet who is really behind the screen?

First and foremost, check that IG and that Twitter that you see attached to someones profile. Realize now that there is a world of reasons that someone may not attach other socials which goes to number two, do your googles. That could be a fan IG or some hacker shit so make sure you make sure, and then make sure.

It’s extremely taxing for independent or unsigned artists to be tapped into every facet of their business and your network is no exception. If you see the rap scene next to you in a room, it’s up to you to speak up and state your intentions before following up with a DM about business.

And that’s just your humble neighborhood rap scene. Anyone using Clubhouse knows that you can find yourself talking to some extremely influential personalities. Knowing how to navigate yourself and your appropriate research is key to success on the app. Don’t bullshit, don’t fall for the cap, don’t get in over your head, don’t say too much.

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