Chris Brown – Go Crazy (Remix) Video feat. Lil Durk, Mulatto, & Future

We love Chris Brown. We love his dancing, we love his singing, we love his controversy and we always love, his music videos. Breezy boasts a veritable chronicle of fire visuals from jump. His talent and creativity makes him the ideal artists to push the bar higher when it comes to music videos.

His latest offering is the visual companion to a remix of a record featuring Young Thug, originally released in May 2020 that peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and won three Soul Train Music Awards, including song of the year.

Go Crazy was a smash and already had a music video directed by Chris Brown And Matt Fuller, shot during the 2020 quarantine at Browns home. But the staying power of the record meant more work so Breezy got Future, Lil’ Durk and Mulatto on the track and now we are presented with the official music video for the Go Crazy Remix.

The original video appeared to be what one would imagine as just another Saturday at Breezy’s house. This remix video however, looks to hold the full budget one would expect behind a year long hit by two of the hottest artists in the game. Add in three more artists of that caliber plus all the CGI you can handle and we might have the video of the year here.

Durk turns the tables and gets into the mind of his therapist, literally controlling her brain, Chris Brown D.B. Coopers the plane, Prada parachute and all, chased by groupies, Mulatto somehow makes me like insane women, Future almost dies in some weird trap skiing accident and Thugger just sort of, sits there.

It truly is the incoherent carnival it sounds like and we should all be front and center for it. The record bangs even more with the new additions so you really have no reason to ignore it. Similar to Chubby Checker who cashed in on The Twist and Let’s Twist Again, it’s the same damn song winning twice. Wonder what music videos would have looked like in 1960.

Looks like Breezy did it again. Watch the full video here.

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