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R.I.P. Biz Markie

There will never be a replacement for the Biz. His name rings bells in the annals of Hip Hop hierarchy and we will never forget what he did for the culture. Long live the Clown Prince of Hip Hop, Biz Markie.Read More

I Miss the New #Kanye

Kanye West has never been afraid. He consistently challenges the way we, and he himself thinks about what art is. Always the same, true to the self-confessed fact that he will never stay the same his progression has been well documented and his evolution has received countless depth analyzations.Read More

Old School, New School Need To Learn Though…

The situation has no settlement in such shallow conversations, calling for deeper analyzation of the concept of youth being wasted on the young. Musical evolution is something that cannot be suppressed and these young bucker-snappers don’t care about what your old ass has to say concerning how they get down. Deal with it.Read More

We Need More Nipsey Hussle’s

As Hip Hop gets more and more violent, let us all remember the consequences of the actions (and the lives) we take. We don’t get to hear Nip build with us anymore, instead we get to hear Eric Holder beg to get out of jail. Something will never be right about that.Read More

Lil Nas X Causes Controversy?!

The visual for Montero (Call Me By Your Name) depicts the artist in his own eden before ascending to heaven only to be turned away and twirling a stripper pole all the way to hell where he proceeds to do his best impression of Infernus form GTA 5 with the devil incarnate, going on to take the crown of Satan for his own.Read More