California Looking Forward To Cake Up On The Tax Dollars Received From Weed Sales

When Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, the revenues exceeded what anyone had anticipated. Fortunately, Colorado put that money to good use by increasing funds in the state’s schooling and education. In doing this, the state of Colorado set a great example for other states that were also considering legalization. California is up next to carry the torch.
Proposition 64 has now permitted marijuana to be smoked for recreational purposes in California, after observing that it would serve as a huge benefit for the state economy. As such an influential state, California has the opportunity to keep the trend spreading throughout other states. Will the placement of marijuana revenue in California send a positive message to the rest of the country?
First, a sum of money will be taken off of the top. According to the ballot, the first several million will go to research and programs that will review the benefits and reduce the damage that the new proposition brings about. A financial breakdown of $2 million will go to the Center of Medical Cannabis research, located at UC San Diego. $3 million will go to the Department of California Highway Patrol. $10 million will be distributed throughout different California universities to research the impacts of passing Prop 64, each year, for a total of 11 years. Lastly, $10 million is said to be spent on grants for local health departments and community-based nonprofits, increasing each year by $10 million, until the year 2022.
After the priorities are taken care of, the remainder will be spent as follows:
20% – Programs that will minimize the amount of environmental damage inflicted by illegal growers of marijuana.
20% – Research and programs that focus on reducing amount of drivers under the influence of marijuana.
60% – Youth programs that focus on the treatment, prevention and education, of drug-related incidents.

Lets, just say the money will be flowing for California once it’s all said and done.


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