Bow Wow And His New Baby Mother is At War

Bow Wow just had a newborn and his new baby mother is suffering from postpartum depression and she recently just had a major fall out with him. One would think that he would do one of two things, 1) be quiet or 2) offer a caring word. No. He said just the opposite, clearly regretting any interaction with the woman ever. He said on social media “Not my problem. Go get you a man who cares. I barely know the girl. I don’t even have a photo with the girl. Let that hurt go.“ I can’t imagine saying that someone online, in front of the world, and she is the mother of your child. Even though she may not be someone he likes at all, it’s still a woman that bore your child.

She is not going to take this lying down. She said she is going to air him out….

I stay humble, I stay out the way, I get my own money, I f##ing focus on myself, I’m the best mom for my baby,” Sky said in a clip. “And it still don’t be enough for ni##as. [They’ll] still find something to tear you down, still try to find a way to make you think you’re doing something wrong — why are you trying to f–k with me so hard dude? Why are you trying to make this single mom sht so f##ing hard? This co-parenting sht could be so easy but n###as would rather make it hard and that’s crazy.”

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