Becoming A Junkie Is The New Cool In Hip Hop

Most of us can agree that hip hop music can influence us in a positive or negative manner. In many forms, hip hop is a very creative and impressionable art form that provides entertainment and enjoyment to the listeners. However, hip hop can incorporate subject matters that is harmful and detrimental to it listeners as well. One of those most negative topics that is consistently brought up in rap music today is the heavy usage of drugs. It almost seems as though it is the new trend to be glorified as a pill head, codeine sipper, or a heavy smoker of toxic hybrid weed. As a result most rappers you see today are fat and out of shape and couldn’t last one round in a street fight.
Nearly every medicine in the doctor’s dictionary is mentioned throughout the entire rap catalog. You name it, it’s been in a song. Whether it be about sipping lean, drinking henny, popping pills, or sniffing lines of the white girl, a song has been done on this topic by many different artist such as Future, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, or one of the many other “pharmaceutical connoisseurs” slash rappers. Drugs have been a prominent source of subject matter within the hip hop culture for decades, and it is not the only topic within rap that promotes negative activities. Hopefully, this next generation will be the one to change this trend, and get us back to what hip hop was really intended for instead of leading us into becoming another dope fiend.

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