3 Classic Mixtapes That Needs A Sequel

Mixtapes can often be the best example of emcees showcasing their uniqueness and abilities. Many artists present their highest level of quality rap music early on in their career, usually within their first couple mixtapes. It would have done great justice to their careers if they would have taken the opportunity to utilize their creative momentum and follow up with a sequel to their greatest mixtapes, so we have prepared a list of three mixtapes that are evident to this concept.

B.A.R. (Wiz Khalifa) – Burn After Rolling was one of Wiz’s most memorable and classic projects. He displayed his originality and lyricism in a way that he does not quite provide in his later music. Although Kush & Orange Juice was a great project released since then, Wiz continues to slide a slippery slope as his career seasons.

Warm Up (J. Cole) – One of today’s greatest and most relevant emcees also started by releasing mixtapes. In The Warm Up, Cole introduced a new dimension to the game with a taste that has never been seen before. A sequel to this game would have not only benefitted J. Cole’s career, but also the entire rap game.

Fahrenheit 1/15 (Lupe Fiasco) – Although Lupe did release three mixtapes within this series, fans were let down with the final installment. After displaying lyricism that would impress Common and Mos Def in the first two mixtapes, the third was limited to mostly skits and instrumental-type songs.

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