What was so “Odd” about Odd Future?

Okay, there’s a lot of things that are considered odd about the now defunct alternative hip hop group. Their music videos, their sense of humor, their leader Tyler – the list can go on and on. But, we’re not here to talk about that today.
Today we’re just going to acknowledge and celebrate the enrichment OFWGKTA brought to all of our lives. The Grammy winning, sexually liberated genius of Frank Ocean. The musical enchantment of The Internet and the creative mastermind that is Tyler. Let’s not forget about the hilarity of “Loiter Squad” and . You may have been in love with Odd Future all of this time and not even known it.
Check out some of the great moments from the Odd Future gang below:
Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean – “She”

The stalkerish video seems somewhat romantic with the silky vocals from Frank and the playful (I hope) lyrics from Tyler. The video is kind of dark, but has a good storyline, so make this one of the first tracks you check out if you’re new to the Odd Future gang.

Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”

The standout track from Franks’ debut album, Pyramids is 9 minutes long and not one second is disappointing. The lyrics and stellar production is the epitome of the quality and what fans have come to expect from Odd Future members.

The Internet – “Dontcha”

The Internet is smooth funk reborn. Syd the Kids silky voice adds to the already mellow sounds from the band and takes you on an out of this world experience. The Internet may be slightly different than what OFWGKTA fans may be used to, but they are game changers nonetheless. Enjoy their music with a glass of wine (or whatever your poison) and a special person in your life.

Earl Sweatshirt – “Whoa”

Earl is straight hip hop. Clever lyrics, honest emotion and self-produced beats. Earl may be what the game has been missing –authenticity. “Whoa” is a good track to start with to get yourself acquainted with the man himself.
Odd Future has spawned avant garde musicians who take their own roads and give a damn about what other artists are doing. If you have been wondering where all of the creativity has gone from music today, it may be time for you check out the Wolf Gang.

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