Vic Mensa – “Down On My Luck” [VIDEO]

One of the many emerging Chi-town MCs eclipsing the rap scene this year, Vic Mensa separates him self from the Chiraq uprising with a catchy pulsating house influenced track that’s sure to take this summer by storm. The video is hip hop’s rendition of Groundhog’s day, where Vic is caught in a loop of actions and consequent reactions. Props to Vic Mensa for stepping out the generic point and rap at the camera visuals that have become the industry standard for most upcoming MCs. In other word, he actually had a story line! Visuals aside, the song is amazing. His melodic flow intertwining with the fast tempo of the beat and noteworthy introspective lyrics make for a hot song that’s sure to stimulate a wide range of sound pallets. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from Vic in the near future.

Hot! Cool visuals, dope story line, and an even better song.

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