Seattle’s Lady CoCo Set to Play NYE Party In Bahrain

Having peaked on the Seattle circuit, Lady CoCo has secured the headlining DJ slot on NYE in the Kingdom of Bahrain. For her first international set, the protege of veteran DJ Supreme La Rock will play a set at the posh Cavallo Club Lounge at the Atirim Grand Hotel.

“I worked really hard and look forward to making the most of this opportunity,” Lady CoCo said. “I am not someone who just woke up and said, ‘today, I want to be a DJ.’ I’ve paid my dues and learned the craft, plus with DJ Supreme La Rock as a mentor, I’ve grown as a DJ through the traditional hip-hop standards.”

With a diverse catalog of music and her curation ability, CoCo instantly won over Daemeon Burrell, the general manager of Status Bookings, the booking agency affiliated with Clouds Media International, a media conglomerate headquartered in Tanzania.

“When I went to go see Lady CoCo, I knew within 15 minutes that I was going to work with her,” said Seattle-based Burrell, who has booked Supreme La Rock, Morgan Heritage, B.O.B. and DJ Drama in the Middle East and East Africa. “She has the charisma, the look and she’s young — but she handles her DJ sets like a veteran. This is key to her elevating to the next level.”

Naturally, Lady CoCo is a music connoisseur, poised to show off her skills while balancing the desires of the audience.

“Getting ready for this Bahrain gig, I’ve been in touch with resident DJs who have a grasp of locals’ taste,” CoCo said. “I don’t want to go in and completely disappoint the crowd. When I go in, I don’t have a playlist, I may have 20 songs I want to play, but I’ll adjust as necessary to make the people dance and have a good time.”

With backing from Status Bookings and the opportunity to celebrate NYE 2018 with a diverse set of revelers, CoCo appreciates the fact that her local connections are behind making her first overseas show possible.

“I love that Status Bookings’ mentality is to showcase the hometown talent on a global stage,” CoCo said. “We have a lot of talent here in the ‘206’ and I can’t wait to turn Cavallo up.”