Main Stream Rappers On The DL Will They Ever Come Out Of The Closet?

Whether you like it or not, gay marriage is now legal in every state. Take that conservative America.

As I was browsing the internet (when I should’ve been writing) the other day, I stumbled upon a survey that asked Americans how they felt about homosexual relationships. I’m not one to care about public opinion, but what I did find interesting was that the number of people who felt that homosexuality is “morally acceptable” sits at 54%. In 2002, this number was 36%.
Maybe all of the conservatives were out sick the day this survey was being passed around. Maybe the rednecks were busy burning down churches that day. Whatever the reason, this evidence proves that more Americans are becoming comfortable with the idea of same sex relationships.
That’s cool America, but I can only help but wonder what the hood thinks. In my community, we have displayed a love/hate relationship with homosexuality and we are definitely making more strides to become more accepting – some of us.
I, for one, applaud any man or woman who can go against the grain and face the backlash that comes with loving someone of the same sex. What you do in the bedroom doesn’t affect me. What does potentially affect me are the dudes still living “in the closet”. Sleeping with women and men, potentially spreading diseases – don’t get me started. But this all stems from a fear of being shunned, ridiculed or exiled, so it makes it understandable but it still doesn’t make it right.
I frequent lots of blogs. I read about “down low” rappers in the industry all the time. Cough *Young Thug* Cough Cough *Tyga* Cough *Pharrell*. They make the bulk of their money objectifying, sexualizing and disrespecting women, so it makes sense to me that these types of rappers would allegedly not be interested in vagina or having a stable life with a wife & kids.
So now that America is feeling a little more comfortable with letting homosexuals in their churches without fear that it would combust, how is hip hop going to handle it? Will there be more rappers that admit to having an unquenchable thirst for male on male action, or will they continue to hook up with trannies? (We checked the Adams apple, Tyga).
Frank Ocean came out of the closet on his own terms and was accepted and applauded by all. Beyonce cosigned it. I whole-heartedly doubt that Young Thug will be getting a pat on the back from Bey, but when/if he decides to let the world know, it’ll be one step for mankind and one step closer to us not having to speculate and make hilarious memes.

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