G-Unit’s Comeback [New Music Updates]

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know by now that 50 and the rest of the original members of G-Unit (Buck, Llyod, & Yayo) have reconciled and are currently plotting their epic comeback as THE premiere rap crew.  The news broke with a surprise performance by the group at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Following the show, 50 spilled the news that a G-Unit album would be released sometime late November 2014. In the short time since Summer Jam, the crew has released three tracks for the public.

When it comes to legendary music acts disappearing from the lime light and reappearing with new material, it is sometime nostalgia that skews our opinion on the quality of their newest music. G-Unit undoubtedly were the hottest group out in the mid 2000s with their album “Beg For Mercy,” the popularity of each member’s solo career, and the golden co-sign by Eminem. Almost a decade later since “Beg For Mercy,” the rap game has considerably evolved. With that being said, would G-Unit’s signature sound still stimulate music palates across the hip hop world? Well from what we heard so far…YES!

So, we decided to keep the public updated in this article with any news or fresh music from G-Unit as they actively make their comeback leading to their November release. Below are the three tracks out so far, some of which are remixes. Make sure to keep checking in for the updates.