Does Nicki Minaj Really Deserve to be Nominated for VMA Video of the Year?

Nicki has been on a Twitter rampage recently, from lashing out at her ex (again) to getting all bothered about not being nominated for Video of the Year at the VMAs.
I certainly don’t have the energy and have far too many brain cells to follow her and her media hungry antics on social media, but I just have one question for Nicki and the rest of the world.
In which world, in which galaxy, does Nicki Minaj deserve a Video of the Year nomination?
I’ll wait.
Was she expecting to sweep up for the travesty that was Anaconda? The faux feminist, attention hungry video? What creativity or innovation did the video bring to the game?
Nicki cited her record shattering 16 million views as a reason for why she should’ve been nominated. I’m guessing that no one told her if you plaster your ass all over a video, it’s going to garner views. There’s nothing new or exciting about that and we all know it.
Nicki also did what most black celebrities do when they realize their token blackness isn’t helping them anymore- she tried to make it a race issue.
Bye Nicki.
When you can create a masterpiece of a video that doesn’t strategically market your ass, then maybe you’ll deserve a Video of the Year Award. And then maybe feminists will take you seriously. Until then, realize that feminism is more than showing your ass and rapping about sex and calling it “being in control of your body”. Female rappers have been doing that before Lil Kim got hot and before “Feminism” became 2015s’ buzzword.
Guess who started putting women in videos half naked? Men. Please explain to me how repeating the same formula is feminism and why anyone deserves an award for it.

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