5 Most Overlooked Albums

A lot of history was made in the memorable year of 1996. The OJ Simpson trial began, Michael Jordan lead the Bulls to the NBA Championship, being the third for Jordan and the fourth for the Bulls, Tupac was killed, and a lot of great rap music was created. But this music isn’t as recognized as it once was, so we’ve provided a list of the year’s 5 most overlooked albums, 4 of which are defiant of the “sophomore curse”.

Eminem – Infinite
This is the first record dropped by Eminem (no, not Slim Shady, Slim wasn’t around yet). It is the least acknowledged, and surely the most underrated of his albums. Infinite is an example of Eminem providing a sound that was well ahead of his time.

Jeru The Damaja – Wrath of the Math
After one of the greatest hip hop records of all time, The Sun Rises In The East(1994), Jeru dropped his second project, Wrath of the Math, where proved to be one of the illest products of the Wu-Tang-influenced wave that lingered around the east coast in the mid to late 90’s.

Outkast – ATLiens
Andre 3000 and Big Boi dropped this sophomore album , solidifying their unique sound. Although ATLiens got some exposure at the time, it seems to have been forgotten and diluted by a new reputation that has been altering throughout the years.

Nas – It Was Written
Although Nas is not the most overlooked MC, this album isn’t socially rated as highly as it should be. When people mention Nas, he tends to be credited most for his first record over anything else. It’s pretty hard to keep the fans on their toes after setting the bar with Illmatic.

The D.O.C. – Helter Skelter
Lastly, the 4th sophomore album of the list. Unlike Nas, this is a very overlooked artist. This is a record that follows up a very successful album called No One Can Do It Better(1989). In ’96, his voice isn’t what it used to be after crushing his larynx in a car accident that almost resulted in his death, however the former N.W.A. co-writer didn’t fail to run with a creative and smooth  approach the west-coast sound.

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