2015 BET Awards Recap

First off, major props to the man who kicked off the event, Kendrick Lamar. Who also deserved the “Best Male Hip Hop Artist” award- which he won. K.Dot opened the show with my favorite track off of TPAB, “Alright”. He performed it all live – sans backing vocals (unlike most of the other major performers) and even gave us an acapella rap at the end.

What had me more puzzled than how Diddy fell through a big ass hole, was how the crowd was not super hyped up for Kendricks performance. While the camera was panning on the audience, I noticed hardly no one was standing up or rapping along (like I was in my tiny apartment). But, mostly everyone was super turned up for Fetty Wap who closed the show. Maybe they all were just excited to go home since the show ran for 4 hours. So, I won’t scratch BET off my major side eye list just yet, but they definitely satiated me for those 4 minutes. Kendrick stole the show and my heart once again.

A performance I kind of hate to say I enjoyed was Chris Brown and Tyga “Cradle Robbing” Kardashian. I only enjoyed it because I wholeheartedly expected it to suck. But, Chris got some points from me for the beautiful dark skinned dancer he danced with at the beginning of the performance and also because the boy can dance his ass off. I guess you have a lot of free time to perfect your dance moves in jail and rehab.

Chris might have definitely been the man of the hour, you know if it weren’t for Kendrick, Smokey Robinson and Safaree (only because we all know he was probably on suicide watch last night). Chris performed 3 times last night, including a gut wrenching, tear jerking, avant garde performance with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. I’m guessing these two are really trying to make us believe that they are in a relationship, but I’m still not falling for it.

Nicki sounded good and actually rapped her verse live. Meek Mill looked and sounded like a Make a Wish survivor who won a date to prom with Nicki.

Chris also made a cameo during the epic Bad Boy 20th anniversary performance. It was not only epic because the devil tried to drag Diddy down into hell through a hole that appeared on stage, but because of Lil Kim! Yes, Kimberley made an appearance and BET didn’t pan the camera to Nicki’s face not one damn time.

Every one in the Bad Boy clan looked and sounded good. (Lil Kim looked as good as she can). Mase brought out his congregation and I can only imagine that Diddy finally paid everyone what he owes them or no one would’ve showed up. Among Mase, Diddy and Kim were also 112, French Montana, Faith Evans and a video montage of Biggies’ videos. I would say that this is definitely one of the best performances from the BET awards in the last few years.

I’m not into Big Sean, but his performance was dope. The set was nice and looks like it was inspired by Donda, Yeezys design company. Sean brought out E-40 who was wearing all the leather. I’m on the west coast, it’s hot as hell right now. But that’s what we love about E-40. He’s unique and has a propensity for creating words.

Overall, I’d say that BET put on a great show this year. Not that my opinion matters or anything, but hip hop really won last night. Everyone did a great job and all awards were deserved. Maybe next time Suge Knight won’t try to sabotage Diddys’ set to try to get everyone to come over to Death Row. LOL!!!



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